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The first thing you should do after being charged or arrested with a DUI is to seek legal representation. A conviction could have lasting consequences, including hindering your future ability to drive. Time is of the essence in DUI cases, and the sooner you put an attorney on your case, the faster you can resolve your legal mess. Kranitz, Sadoun & Carpenter has established a strong reputation among the Northwest Missouri community, and our attorneys have decades of experience defending clients in court. Let us take a look at your situation and develop an innovative legal strategy for obtaining reduced or even dismissed charges.

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Missouri’s DWI Laws

It is a crime in Missouri to drive under the influence (DUI), also referred to as driving while intoxicated (DWI). According to state law, motorists are prohibited from operating or being in actual physical control of a motor vehicle with blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or more or while in an intoxicated condition (under the influence of any combination of alcohol or drugs). Note that the illegal BAC threshold is lowered to .04% or more for commercial drivers and .02% or more for drivers under the age of 21.

Be aware that it is possible to be charged with a DWI even if you are not actually driving the vehicle. Merely being in a position to restrain, regulate, or otherwise operate a vehicle’s movements (“being in actual physical control” of a vehicle) is sufficient for a DWI charge.

Penalties Upon Conviction

The penalties for DUI depend on how many prior offenses the defendant has. The sentencing ranges include the following:

  • 1st offense – up to 6 months in jail; up to $1,000 in fines; 30 days of license suspension; use of ignition interlock device (IID) if defendant obtains a restricted license
  • 2nd offense – up to 1 year in jail; up to $2,000 in fines; 1 year of license revocation (5 years if the prior offense occurred within 5 years); at least 6 months of IID use
  • 3rd offense – up to 4 years in jail; up to $10,000 in fines; 10 years of license revocation; at least 6 months of IID use

Note that Missouri also implements “implied consent” laws that require all drivers lawfully arrested for a DUI to submit to a blood, breath, urine, or saliva test. Those who refuse testing will face 1 year of license revocation, as well as a 6-month IID use requirement. This penalty is in addition to the penalties that may be issued for the DUI conviction.

If you have been accused of driving under the influence in Missouri, contact Kranitz, Sadoun & Carpenter for legal help immediately. The sooner we get started on your defense, the stronger we can make your case. We will combine our firm’s 100 years of professional knowledge and our strategic attorneys’ drive for innovation to craft a unique and compelling defense. Jail time, fines, and license suspension may be daunting, but remember that a charge is not a conviction; don’t give in to your charge without putting up a tough battle in your defense first.

Schedule an initial consultation with Kranitz, Sadoun & Carpenter to discuss your DUI defense options. We advocate for drivers throughout Northwest Missouri and the surrounding counties of Buchanan, Nodaway, and Platt.

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Our firm was established in 1919 by founder Louis Kranitz with the ambition of serving the Northwest Missouri community and beyond. For over 100 years, this Kranitz name remains the cornerstone of impeccable legal advocacy for our clients.
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    Hugh has been our lawyer for the past 30 plus years. He is honest, straight to the point and he knows how to calm our fears. We couldn’t have picked a better lawyer when we needed one and we will always go back to him when needed.

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    I was blessed the day Kathy Sadoun agreed to represent me in my divorce. This woman, along with the entire office, was dedicated to my cause.

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    I have used this firm for various cases and they never disappoint. Everyone is extremely professional and they really got to know my case and performed extremely well.

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    Ms. Sadoun was a "tell it like it is/no bull crap" attorney. She is willing to go rounds to represent you and won't just tell you what you want to hear.

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    Michelle, Thank you so much for everything you did for Q. and I. I would not be where I am without you. Everyday I wake up I can’t believe it’s real that Q is right where he needs to be. Thank you for helping me and guiding me in the right dire

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